20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls

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Hair Extensions
Add length, fullness or color with hair extensions.
20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls

⦁ Meet with a stylist to discuss your hair extension goals or discover which

type is right 20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls for you! We offer a variety of extensions and advanced braiding techniques including

clip-ins, locus_, box braids_, sew ins_, strand-by-strand_, hand-tied*, tape-in and more. Your stylist will partner with you at the end of your consultation to schedule your extension application.20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls



Add on to your appointment or schedule alone. Finished style not included when say Hairstyles Even Lazy booked as a stand-alone treatment (unless otherwise stated).20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls

Texture Wave ;Add curl to hair with a permanent wave. (Approx. 2 hrs. 15 min)
Relaxer Retouch; A relaxer retouch application on up to 1″ of new growth to permanently straighten the hair. (Approx. 2 hrs.)20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy

  1. Our Salon Professionals

What to expect
When you’re in the chair, you have our full attention. We love nothing more than getting to know you, and then unleashing our artistry to make you look and feel your absolute bes20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy.

This easy flat-iron waves hairstyle
K, I know you probably don’t hear the words “flat-iron waves” and think

“easy,” but I promise this hairstyle is more simple than it sounds.

All you do is grab a section of hair, gently flip your straightener away from your face, and slowly glide down the strand. When you unclamp your flat iron you’ll have a cute ill curl (which, DW, you can comb out at the end for a more low-key vibe). A top-notch straightener is non-negotiable for this look, bobs—I’m personally a fan of the below 20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls.

2.This easy up do for curly hair

Looking for an easy way to style your long-AF hair? Sit back and watch this tutorial from Geary, which includes four ultra-pretty styles you can recreate with a silk scarf or 20 that starts at the 50-second mark—all you need to do is part your hair down the middle and carefully tie the scarf into a loose knot 2

This easy and romantic bun hair style20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy


Sure, you could throw your hair into a super-messy low bun. Or,

you could pretend like you have your she*t together and whip up this quick masterpiece. First, blast your hair

20 Easy Hair styles Even Lazy and Beginners girls with texturizing spray (bobby pins and a hair tie, you’re going to secure the middle section into a ponytail, then wrap all three sections around the .

(Alex, in the tutorial above, breaks it all down for you.)20 Easy Hairstyles Even Lazy and Beginners girls