Get lost weight in 5 way

Get lost weight in 5 way
Exercise for reduce weight day by day

Trying to loss weight these 5 tips will bring you success in the morning. This habit not only will reduce your weight loss but also will be helpful to keep your body healthy. Getting lost weight in 5 ways will be better for your life to lead a happy life.

How to loss weight at home

1. Drinking water for getting loss weight

Drinking water

Before your breakfast drink half a liter of water. It seems to something fill up your belly, and as a result, feel comfortable at your breakfast. Otherwise, In water, there are no calories to grow weight. So before having breakfast there is no worry to drink half liter of water.

At other times in the day, you may apply this structure. Before taking food drink half liter of water normally how much may you have a meal than having less amount food feeling fill up? Thus this habit will decrease loss weight.

However, someone don’t have habit drinking water before half an hour then make it gradually. Firstly even though feeling bore to continue then there is no any worry. Within few days uncomfortable feeling will leave you.

2.Make sure snack or food for whole day getting loss weight in 5 way

If we feel empty belly then have what would we find out on the street. Is it good for me or not but never think that this unhygienic food taking me in diseases. Maybe Singara, Pore, Jellyfish or cake -Eat what would we like to eat after finding at near hand. Each and every person know it very well that it is unhygienic food is nothing then can’t control own self for the purpose of losing weight.

Again you may put one packet of nut in your pockets. In addition, the food will may make in room something healthy and delicious. In the morning make sure that will eat some healthy food to decrease   easily the unhealthy food.

3.Walking to work in the morning or going school get lost weight in 5 way.

Walking in the morning

In the morning work, in the market or taking your child to the school you may walking to work. If it is so far then start it little by little. Then gradually amount of walking try to increase it. Timing of walk try to walk speedy.

Habit of giving up of going by rickshaw and try to reach your goal by foot if not it so far. You may park your car before one or two bus stop and make a habit going there by walking. Slowly increase amount of walking will be for you easy.

4.Giving up without sugar tea or coffee for losing weight


waking up in the morning many people make a habit of drinking one cup of tea or coffee. If you are one of them then leave it as soon as possible. From sugar will come extra calories which is increase your weigh. It wouldn’t help to loss weight in 5 way .

Decreasing sugar in drinking tea or coffee that will be helpful to reduce weigh. Not having habit of drinking tea or coffee except sugar will difficult for your but slowly it will be easy for you.

5. Measured the weight to maintain for losing weight

Measure Weight

In research was seen, who are measure weigh they are get good result than who aren’t interest to measure weigh. keep weight under control follow the rules of measuring weight.

Rules of measuring weight is empty the bathroom. Everyday try to measure weight wearing same cloths. Then save the point(amount the weight) how much is this in notepad. Thus you will notice is it increasing or decreasing.

If it’s not do work then find out that problem and will change accordingly those problem. Measuring weight will loss it but starting daily activities then some point will roam in your head. As a result, you will may increase your walking speedy , will stop eating fast food. These will help you to loss weight.


So from today for the purpose of decreasing weight after measuring weight start to select for daily.