Seasonal hair loss: the routine to stimulate growth

Hair loss problem solution

Seasonal hair loss? Here are the best products to stimulate growth and stop hair loss quickly and effectively. Hair loss problem solution

When the seasons change, it’s common to lose more hair than usual..We will teach you how to fight effectively with the perfect stimulating routine.

Seasonal fall: the causes

During the change of season , both spring and autumn, it is normal to realize that we lose more hair than usual. Seasonal effluvium is a physiological condition that occurs naturally.. Normally it is usually regulated naturally and we should not worry.

But why is this happening?

The reasons behind seasonal hair loss are preceded by a number of variables, as we have already detailed in this other article.

The first is present in the mammals, our ancestors. In reality, they are the source of our innate hair (fur) changing process, which involves replacing the hair twice a loss problem solution. That is why hair loss increases in spring .

Possible hormonal changes brought on by the change in light as the seasons change are another aspect at play A lot of hair loss may be brought on by a hormonal imbalance. Last but not least, time plays a very important role, since it can cause the bulb to be damaged and this generates hair loss.

I have to worry?

hair loss problem solution

Seasonal hair loss is merely a biological process that occurs naturally and can resolve itself after a few weeks, as we have already predicted.

It is actually a hair that is in the telogen phase, the last stage of the hair’s life cycle, and it is falling out. This specific trait is what distinguishes androgenic alopecia from more severe issues like seasonal effluvium.

Even though seasonal hair loss on its own doesn’t typically result in serious issues. It’s important to not dismiss the occurrence. Especially if the loss is severe and lasts longer than a few weeks.In that case. it could be a different type of effluvium. If this is your case, we always recommend visiting a doctor for a clear diagnosis.

Seasonal hair loss problem: effective remedies and tips.

While seasonal hair loss is a natural process, it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything to reduce hair loss and stimulate new growth .Among the valuable tricks to limit seasonal hair loss, choosing a balanced and healthy diet is an undoubted option: minerals and vitamins are essential to nourish our hair.

On the other hand, opting for specific and quality products makes a big difference in terms of hair health. In fact, there are thousands of hair products on the market and not all act in the same way. The best products, for effectiveness and evidence, use specific active ingredients in their formulation.Which have been scientifically proven to have anti-fall and stimulating properties. Among them, the best known are:

  • Triaminodil is an active ingredient with a molecular structure similar to the well-known anti-fall medication Minoxidil.
  • Copper Peptides , Known as a strong hair follicle regenerator;
  • Azeliac acid , Capable of promoting cell regeneration and balancing the epidermis.
  • Caffeine , Gives invigorating and stimulating properties to the scalp.

Being aware of the incredible stimulating and anti-loss properties of these natural ingredients and extracts. The Kmax Stimulant line is specially designed to counteract hair loss and at the same time accelerate new growth.

Well, let’s get to it! What to do to stimulate hair growth and combat seasonal hair loss? Here is the perfect invigorating routine . which uses the ingredients mentioned above and limits the damage that seasonal hair loss can cause, rediscovering the beauty of your hair.Hair loss problem solution

1. Stimulating hair loss problem solution routine: Proper wash

 Kmax Hair Growth Therapy contra la caída capilar

When we talk about hair loss, there is no more delicate moment than washing your hair . How many times has it happened to you that after taking a shower and brushing your hair. You have found a handful of hairs on your hand or brush? Surely it is a seasonal change and seasonal loss plays a big role. Therefore, choosing a good shampoo , where the detergent is not too aggressive, is essential . Since if it is too aggressive and does not go according to your needs . It can worsen the situation of the fall.

For this reason, the first step in your hair routine that helps you stimulate growth. Begins with using the Kmax Stimulating Shampoo as the first step. It is a gentle cleanser for daily use designed to perform a double action: control excessive hair loss and. On the other hand, stimulate the natural hair growth cycle. Apart from having a stimulating base. In its composition it has enriched ingredients and the best anti-loss active ingredients. Such as: Triaminodil, azeliac acid, beta sitosterol, vitamin B6, peppermint and caffeine.

2. Seasonal hair loss solution : the importance of conditioner

 Kmax Hair Growth Therapy contra la caída capilar

It has a double action: to stimulate and protect .the Kmax Leave-in Conditioner is an ideal product to reinforce the stimulating routine. It is an innovative leave-in conditioner ideal for restoring the softness and hydration of our hair. Especially if we use or have used alcohol-based topical products.

Thanks to the best conditioners , including aloe vera, the Kmax conditioner deeply nourishes leaving hair silky and rehydrated. It is also formulated with the best anti-fall active ingredients such as: Triaminodil, Azeliac Acid, Beta-Sitosterol.

3. Recovers the balance of the scalp

Once we have clean hair. The ideal routine to strengthen hair and stimulate growth requires a specific treatment for the scalp . In fact, for hair to grow back properly. It is vital that our scalp is well hydrated and in an optimal state of health.

To normalize and restore the state of well-being of our scalp, Kmax has designed Kmax Stimulating Hair Follicle Spray . Thanks to the high concentrations of copper peptides. This stimulating spray is ideal for combating scalp irritations such as dandruff and flaking. It has a double action: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can restore and maintain the hydration levels of the epidermis.

It can be used in conjunction with other therapies, but there must be a minute or more between each application.. In addition, for greater effectiveness, it is good to apply it daily . Massage gently into the affected areas and wait at least 6-8 hours before washing it again . You don’t have to clarify.

4. Kmax Hair Growth Therapy contra la caída capilar

After we recover the health balance of our scalp. It is time to take action and apply an intensive product:    Kmax Stimulating Hair Growth Therapy Spray .

It is an innovative product with great stimulating and anti-hair loss active ingredients. Such as: Triaminodil, azeliac acid, beta sitosterol, caffeine and vitamin B6, for:

  • Stimulate the normal hair growth cycle.
  • Increases microcirculation in the scalp ;
  • It inhibits the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, this enzyme is involved in transforming testosterone into DHT. The main responsible for hair loss and androgenic alopecia;
  • Promotes an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action.

Like the Follicle Spray from the same line, it can be used in combination with other topical treatments. Recommended for daily use for effective results and should not be rinsed off.

Goodbye seasonal fall!

In conclusion, even if it is a natural and seasonal hair loss, whether it is spring or autumn. It is a natural and short-term phenomenon. Using quality products in your routine is the first step to achieve and maintain a good state of hair. health of your hair

How to stop seasonal hair fall

This loss is common and responds to the characteristics of this season. In autumn , the hair is damaged due to the consequences of summer or even due to environmental factors, but at the same time, the hair is in a phase of rest and loss, called the telogen phase, in which it is preparing for a new phase of new hair growth or anagen phase.

What is seasonal hair loss

Seasonal hair loss occurs at that time when we notice hair loss greater than usual . Normally it does not have to worry us, since it is related to a natural situation of our hair.