Lose weight at home easily

Lose weight if you need to improve your and body composition. You should combine a healthy and hormonally balanced diet with exercises to lose weight quickly and burn fat.

Lose weight

As for diets, we already know that they must incorporate healthy foods to lose weight. But diet alone is not enough. An increase in physical activity is necessary. Which also helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL), releases endorphins and feeds back your motivation.
To lose weight quickly and permanently, you have to “burn your fat deposits” from the waist, hips or bust. To do this, it is necessary to “burn” first the immediate energy reserves. Glucose in the form of glycogen that is stored in the muscles and in the liver.

This process produces rapid weight loss in the first 15 days. Due to the water you lose by burning glycogen; but you will rehydrate like a sponge. As soon as you leave the diet.

From the third week of a hypocaloric diet, fat deposits begin to “burn”. However our concentrated muscle toning program provides results from day one.

Sometimes exercise makes you fat, because certain poorly designed exercises generate hypertrophy of the muscles. Which, by increasing their size, increase your contours and therefore you gain weight. Which is ultimately what is most noticeable to the naked eye.

For this reason, our Sports Nutritionists recommend a different muscle toning program depending on gender, since women, to stylize their silhouette. We will work more on the upper gluteus and pectorals and less on the quadriceps or arms.

If you are going to add supplements or food substitutes. You should know the brands of dietary products. And choose the ones that are of the best quality and that best suit your needs.
Tips and exercises to lose weight fast.
To burn calories in the short term, aerobic exercise (running, swimming, cycling, dancing, walking…) is the best. But in the long term, exercises for fast weight loss are better, muscle toning (weights, elastic bands or machines gym).

Aerobic exercises help you burn fat deposits after 30 minutes. While muscle toning exercises activate muscle mass and the speed of metabolism.

Along with these types of exercises. You have the option of complementing them with another series of processes and actions that will help. You reduce stomach fat to show off a flat stomach.

All these positive weight loss techniques have an immediate impact if we do it correctly.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that exclusively aerobic exercise routines. Become ineffective after a few months. Causing loss of muscle mass and a slowing of metabolism as a saving mechanism. Having to adjust the diet downwards to avoid gaining weight. .

Therefore, the best exercise routine to lose weight fast must alternate both types of physical activity. Keep in mind that rest and recovery are very important. Don’t do the same type of exercise two days in a row.

When your muscles get used to certain types of movements. They become more efficient, consume less energy and burn fewer calories. Modify your workouts and periodically make changes in speed, pace, loads, etc.

Exercises to tune up, lose weight and burn fat.

It would be convenient to evaluate your physical condition and carry out a basic postural analysis to detect decompensation or back pathologies.

.Eat consistently so that the exercise program meets all its objectives: burn fat, tone up and increase muscle mass.

.Drink plenty of water, as exercise causes water loss through sweat.

.Start gradually and gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise, little by little.

.Aerobic exercise to be effective must last for at least 20 minutes.

.Muscle toning exercises should last about 5-15 minutes. 13-20 reps per set is enough.

.Stretching as soon as you get up helps release tension and improves body posture and slenderness. Highly recommended to stretch the cervical and lumbar area before sleeping to improve your sleep quality.

Aerobic exercises to lose weight

Lose weight aim for 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity, 5 times a week. Activities that increase the heart rate and that make you sweat. But allow you to hold a conversation: walking, swimming, riding a bike, dancing, etc. In case of overweight increase to 40-60 minutes a day.

It is advisable to try to practice 20 minutes of intense cardiovascular activity. 3 times a week: soccer, basketball, tennis, running, step, aerobics, spinning, etc.

Muscle Toning Table

These exercises to lose weight fast are the basis of our muscle toning method. To complete the daily table in a more agile way. I recommend that you do the first series of each exercise. Then the second, then the third and finish with the stretching.

Doing more sets or more repetitions than recommended is not convenient. Because it causes muscle exhaustion and the increase in energy expenditure is not significant.

How to optimize slimming effect of sports.

Are sports supplements necessary?

. A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients for sports practice, except in elite athletes who can resort to ergogenic aids to delay the onset of fatigue and promote recovery and hydration.

. Always turn to a Sports Nutritionist or a Sports Medicine specialist to adapt the diet and possible supplementation to age, physical condition, training plan and climate.

. Protein supplements are recommended if the athlete’s diet is low in protein or if, due to the effort of training, amino acids are needed to repair muscle fibers and/or achieve more muscle volume. They are assimilated faster than protein from food. There are them for before, during and post training.

. Creatine increases muscle mass, strength, power, and anaerobic (without oxygen) capacity. It is useful in high-intensity and short-duration exercises, that is, sprints, sprinters, soccer, basketball, muscle toning series with a lot of load and few repetitions…

.The omega-3 comes from oily fish oil. The recommended daily amount must be adjusted by a Sports Nutritionist, with a minimum therapeutic dose of 2.5 g of EPA and DHA per day. It is anti-inflammatory, reduces recovery time, improves concentration, stimulates defenses, and helps regulate cholesterol, fat, and body weight. We recommend some recipes to lower triglycerides together with the contribution of omerga-3 since they have to be maintained at levels below 150 mg/dl to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

.The bottle of water is essential. If you are going to perform an intense or long-term session, you can try a sports drink, to facilitate the absorption of water and electrolytes, keep blood sugar balanced (glycemia) and delay fatigue.

.Do not do sports on an empty stomach. At the end of the session, have a snack that includes protein (whole wheat bread sandwich with lean cold cuts or a piece of seasonal fruit + 2 slices of lean cold cuts + a handful of nuts), to favor the secretion of growth hormone that favors muscle formation.

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Low-carb moderate protein diet for losing weight

A low-carb diet limits your intake of carbohydrates, such as those found in grains and starchy vegetables and fruits. This type of diet mainly includes foods that are high in protein and fat. There are many types of low-carb diets, and each has different limits on the type and amount of carbs you can eat.
Lose weight this diet is great for activating the metabolism and intensively losing weight and body fat.

This diet is ideal as a shock effect, when you need results quickly or if you have been on a diet for some time and have noticed a certain stagnation.

After buying your lowcarb diet, you will receive an email with access to your personal space, where we will ask you for a series of data to be able to customize your menus:

Weight, height, contours.
Physical activity level.
Allergies or food intolerances.
How much time do you want to spend cooking?

In your personal space you will be able to see the monitoring of your diet, with graphs of evolution of your weight and contours


On this page you can buy your low-carb moderate protein diet for 4 weeks. We propose a strategic combination of foods that will help you regain your weight without going hungry and enjoying food.

This diet is ideal as a shock effect, when you need results quickly or if you have been on a diet for some time and have noticed a certain stagnation.

Each week you will receive a menu based on your goals and food preferences. Your nutritionist will send you tricks to make food shopping better, exercise tips, motivation and coaching.

Low-carb menus

Our dietitians-nutritionists offer you low-carb menus to activate your metabolism and lose weight and volume.

The daily menus contain less than 50g of carbohydrates to exert a favorable metabolic effect and that you notice results as soon as possible. It is very important that you follow the guidelines for breakfast and snacks, to stabilize your appetite and activate your vitality.

The best medium-term dietary strategy today to achieve and maintain a healthy BMI and deal with overweight and obesity are diets moderate in protein and with a low glycemic index, since they promote rapid weight loss, improve insulin resistance and prevent premature aging.

A low-carb moderate protein diet achieves a greater decrease in weight, body mass index (BMI), waist and hip contours, and abdominal fat after two months compared to the Mediterranean diet.

After this lowcarb phase, your nutritionist will advise you if you should repeat another lowcarb cycle or should do an induction cycle to continue stimulating weight loss and body fat.

If you have already reached your goal, or almost, the ideal is to go to the coher maintenance phase, for 6 months, to readjust your “set point” and guarantee a lasting result.

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